by Ryan Gander

100% recycled HDPE
Color: White + Confetti
Size: 25 x 17 x 1 cm (flat)
Number of items : 8 (randomly chosen)
Unique packaging! Each printed manually
15% of selling price goes to Whizz Kids

Ryan Gander is a British conceptual artist born in 1976. He finds his inspiration in ordinary situations from his everyday life. He uses production techniques borrowed from craft, art history, fashion, film or music industry to turn them upside down. Ryan manages to infuse poetry into pairs of shoes, glass architectures or animatronic animals.

For COMBO, Ryan created BLAH BLAH. 33 sounds created from components of made-words invented by the artist’s middle child, aged nine. The font is based on her best handwriting. Each sound means nothing and can be used to invent words and play with sounds whilst making sculptures. This building kit contains 8 elements chosen randomly out of the 33.

Please note that the shapes, colours and patterns of your set will slightly vary from those in the pictures.

100% Belgian, local, upcycled and semi-handcrafted with care.

Material Properties : HDPE recycled plastic, dyed and hot pressed, milled and polished. Vibrant colours. Waxy feel. No toxic emanation. Resistant to water, UV, heat, impact, food and bacteria. No sharp edges. Machine-washable at high temperature. 100 years of shelf life. 100% recyclable.