by Combo Studio

100% recycled HDPE
Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, B&W
Size: 45 x 35 cm (flat)
Number of items: 42
Edition: 200 sets
€ 145

GEO is a playful introduction to art designed especially for families.

The kit contains 42 items blending our previous products (BRANCHES, BONES, GEARS) with some extra GEOmetric wonders. Get ready to craft landscapes, creatures, buildings and abstract sculptures together. Unlock new dimensions by outlining, printing, floating, stacking, spinning and rolling the shapes.

The purchase of this kit also supports other families. Each sale will send 25 % of its benefit to the Palestine Children Relief Fund, providing medical relief to children in Gaza and West Bank.


Please note that the shapes, colours and patterns of your set will slightly vary from those in the pictures.

100% Belgian, local, upcycled and semi-handcrafted with care.

Material Properties : HDPE recycled plastic, dyed and hot pressed, milled and polished. Vibrant colours. Waxy feel. No toxic emanation. Resistant to water, UV, heat, impact, food and bacteria. No sharp edges. Machine-washable at high temperature. 100 years of shelf life. 100% recyclable.